The Thawing Powers of Vouvray

Back in late October when we got our first snow fall, the newness of it was fresh and exciting. The first snow brings with it long missed cups of hot cocoa, holiday spirit, and a fresh, crisp blanket that dresses up the dead trees. Every change of season is beautiful in that it’s change. One season breaks the monotony of the last. The start of each season allows us to see things anew.

In April, fresh snow on the ground becomes monotonous. Just last week the trees started to flower. Small, light green leaves began to shoot out of the sleeping branches. Now, those flowers and leaves are snow covered, a wet blanket on the first exciting stirrings of Spring.

Vouvray is a region in the Loire Valley of France. The white wines made there are made from the Chenin Blanc grape. The word itself, ‘Vouvray,’ is fun to say. It’s vivacious and voluptuous. The ’V’s’ jump from the lips like gymnasts as the final ‘r’ gets stuck in the back of the throat, so that the long ‘A’ comes out as a whisper. Barton and Gustier’s Vouvray is a vivacious and voluptuous wine. It’s acidic enough to be tangy, and tastes like a juicy, tart grapefruit with a honeyed texture. I had some last night with a shrimp quiche. The first sip turned my snow-covered night into a Summer evening dripping with crisp, honeyed promise. This wine is bright, light and juicy. It breaks through the gray skies of Winter like a blooming Dogwood tree bursting through the icy snow.

This is the first time I’ve tried a Chenin Blanc and was delighted with it. But it wasn’t just the taste of the wine that I loved. It was the anticipation of trying something new. Just like the change of seasons, newness, variety inspires and feeds the soul.

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