The Shape and Tannins of Parenting

Bordeaux Bottle Shape

Bordeaux Bottle Shape

After school today, my son told me a funny story about how he got a solo in band for the upcoming competition. At dinner tonight, I said to my son, ‘Tell your Father about how you got the flute solo.’ ‘No,’ he said. ‘Why not?’ ‘I don’t want to,’ he answered simply. ‘Hey, Bob,’ his Father asked him, ‘How come you always tell your Mother stuff, but you never tell me stuff?’ ‘I don’t know,’ he shrugged. ‘’Cause, when I get home from school, I feel like talking, and she’s there.’

I recently read that there are two very different Rioja blends, Clarete and Tinto. They are both made with Tempronilla and Garnacha grapes. The Clarete has more Tempronilla and is therefore, more tannic. The Tinto is heavier on the Garnacha and is therefore, much softer. The interesting thing is that the Clarete is put in Bordeaux bottles and the Tinto is put in Burgundy bottles. Bordeaux bottles are sharp shouldered, while the Burgundy bottle is slope shouldered. This reflects the quality of the grape. Tinto, Pinot Noir, Beaujolais, and Syrah, are softer, less tannic grapes, and they all go in Burgundy bottles. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Clarete, Malbec, and Zinfandel are all more tannic, sharper grapes that go in the Bordeaux bottles. I knew the bottle shape applied to the French and new world wines, I did not know that Spain also identified the sharpness of the wine by the shape of it’s bottle. It’s a simple thing to keep in mind when wine shopping. If you’re in the mood for a tannic wine, pick something in a Bordeaux bottle. If you want a softer wine, go for a Burgundy bottle.

Burgundy Bottle Shape

Burgundy Bottle Shape

I know many parents. Some of my best friends are parents. I don’t know any two people who raise their children in exactly the same way. Some parenting styles are sharp and strict while others are more gentle and easy. Different tactics are appropriate in different situations. Neither style is always appropriate. But sometimes what we do doesn’t make much difference at all in how our children respond. Sometimes the only parenting style we need is to be there.

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