Perspective: the Great, the Mundane, and the Appreciative

Philip Togni Cabernet Sauvignon

I went to a wine tasting the other night with a group of friends.  We sampled several wines, but the one that stood out most was a Philip Togni 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon from Spring Mountain in Napa.  In it I tasted blackberry, cedar, smoke, chocolate, and earth.  After I circled all the flavors and aromas listed that I detected, I felt that there was something else in the wine that wasn’t listed on my tasting sheet.  I took another deep inhale, and  in the line for additional aromas I wrote W-O-W.  Just after I wrote that, my friend, Dana after sipping the wine said, ‘Wow!’  I laughed and said, ‘that’s what I tasted, too!’ as I showed her my description page.  We were both laughing when my husband came up from his wine and said, ‘Wow!’  We all had the same reaction to this wonderful wine.

Today in church my son played the flute.  Whenever he’s asked, he’s always willing to do it.  It’s something he really enjoys.  As we were sitting in the pew before he played, I noticed that he’d worn his sneakers, his hair was a little messy, and I suspected that he hadn’t brushed his teeth after breakfast this morning.  These are the things that ran through my mind when he was about to perform.

When the time came for Bob to go to the front of the church, the gentleman sitting in front of us leaned over and said to his wife, ‘Oh, good!  He’s going to play his flute.  He plays great!’  This gentleman also stopped Bob as he was returning to his seat after playing to shake his hand and say, ‘Thank you.  Great job.’  I don’t know the couple too well.  I do know that a few years ago they lost their teenage son suddenly and unexpectedly, something that seems to me, as it would to any parent, insurmountable.  Yet, here they are most every Sunday, friendly, warm, affable and genuinely appreciative.

There are moments when we see things in exactly the same way as the people that we are with.  Those moments are almost magical.  They are how we connect with one and other.  There are other moments when we see things very differently from those around us.  Sometimes when we see things through someone else’s perspective, we grow beyond ourselves.


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