The Simplicity of a Walk in the Park

Terra d’Oro Sangiovese, 2009

Terra d’Oro is a vintner in Amador County California. Last night I opened a bottle of their 2009 Sangiovese that I had picked up at my local wine shop, Whispering Vines. I love going in there. It’s small, but always stacked to the ceiling with wine. They’re always getting in something new. The owner is usually there merchandising his new receipts, and happy to answer my questions and help me find what I’m looking for. Each visit is like a treasure hunt with the local guide who knows everything about the terrain. Kurt loves to talk about wine.

Every morning after I get my kids to school, I take my dog for a walk in the park. Through these walks I’ve met many interesting people who are full of sparkling conversation and rich experiences. They, also, happen to live in my neighborhood. On our walks we talk about everything from politics and religion to literature and human nature. It surprises me that something so simple as walking a dog could bring so much richness to our lives.

Last night I made grilled sausage, fresh tomatoes tossed with olive oil and a little sea salt, and carmelized zucchini and shallots. All the foods were very simple, but they all blended so well with each other. Mixing the tomatoes, zucchini and sausage all in one bite was delicious! Then there was the Terra d’Oro Sangiovese. The aroma was of red and citrus fruits. The flavor was like a mouthful of sour cherries that melted smoothly in my mouth. It was crisp and bright with soft tannins, and so delicious with the sausage and vegetables. It’s not a complex wine, but it brought a lot to a simple meal.                                                                               

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