A Summer Wine in Tune with the Universe

Phebus Malbec, 2011

Phebus, 2011 is from Mendoza Argentina. It is a Malbec Rosé. It is a beautiful, deep salmon color. The flavor of it is early summer, that is, lavender and strawberries with a squeeze of lemon. It is at once light, simple, crisp, and quite delicious.

It seems whenever I listen to the classical station, the composition is in D major, or F sharp or some other interesting key. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a symphony played in the key of C. Personally, I love the key of C. Middle C is the one note I can always find, like an old friend. But it is the most simple key with no sharps or flats. Children’s songs are often written in C. I suppose that’s why it sounds so familiar.

Rosé wine is simple and light bodied. There’s nothing complex about it, no sharps or flats. Yet, on a hot summer night, its simplicity is so refreshing and familiar, like the key of C.

I once read that astrophysicists had found sound waves emanating from a giant black hole in the universe. The sound waves’ frequency was the same as the frequency of B flat. It is many octaves too low to be heard by the human ear. Still, B flat can be called the music of the universe. I wonder, if this is true why B flat is not our simplest and most familiar key. Perhaps, we’re all off tune by a half step.

One comment on “A Summer Wine in Tune with the Universe

  1. No perhaps here; I am off tune by at least half a step these days 🙂 That said, thank you for bringing this Rose’ to my attention. I am a big fan of the Phebus Torrontes http://whineandcheersforwine.wordpress.com/?s=phebus and am now looking forward to trying their other varietals.

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