Hey, Wine and Music, Are You Talking to Me?

Louviere Pessac Blanc

In a wine class I recently took, the teacher described a good wine as one that ‘keeps talking to you throughout the meal.’ A wine needs to be pretty complex to have enough flavors and structure that it continues to evolve and present itself differently within the course of a few hours. There have been times when I’ve found something new and interesting about a wine on the third and fourth sips. One during that class was a Louviere Pessac Blanc. At first it smelled like summertime, tangy and fresh. Then there was a hint of dirt. The flavors presented themselves differently with each sip, first peach, then lemon, then a tangy lingering lightness that brought me back to summertime. It wasn’t just talking to me. It was taking me somewhere.
“It should take you somewhere.” That’s the way I heard a pop artist describe her criteria for good music. Misty Night Blues is a piece by Martha Mier. It is smooth and unhurried, thoughtful and reflective. When I sit down to play it, it speaks to me. As it speaks, it takes me to a quiet, reflective place.
I love the flavors of wine. I love the tones of music. I love the wine and music that speak to me, and in that conversation, they transport me.


4 comments on “Hey, Wine and Music, Are You Talking to Me?

  1. I love everything about this, Linda. Beautiful.

  2. La Louviere is fantastic stuff and your writing is even better!

  3. foxress says:

    DC – You have made my day! Thank you.

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