Saint Cosme and Ambassadors of Music

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are times when I mis-anticipate things. I expect them to be one way because of something I think I’ve perceived. Sometimes my perceptions fail me. Yet, the thing turns out to be better than I had anticipated.

“The first time I took the students to Dachau, it was very disturbing and upsetting for them. But I didn’t want to not take them. Since then, after I take the students through Dachau, and they see everything; the ovens, the firing range,” at this point he hesitated and looked around at the parents and students who had come to hear him speak. He realized just describing what they had seen was disturbing, “After they’ve seen these things, we go to a chapel that’s on site and we sing. It’s how the students process what they’ve seen.”

Saint Cosme Cotes-Du-Rhone, 2011 tastes smoky, like wood. There are flavors of black berries, vanilla, and anise. My first sip told me it surely was well-oaked. But a little research showed me I was wrong. This is an un-oaked Syrah from southern Rhone. All that smoky flavor comes directly from that beautiful, dark, meaty Syrah grape with all its dark fruit and spice. This wine is full-bodied, and complex with a long delicious finish.

My 17 year old son has been invited to participate in an Ambassadors of Music program next summer. They will travel through 8 cities in Europe performing concerts as they go. I thought it would be a great experience for him; a wonderful way for a musical person like my son to tour Europe. But after going to the information meeting the other night, I think I may have been wrong. I still think it will be a wonderful experience for him. But I also think it will be a much richer and more meaningful experience than I had first anticipated.

8 comments on “Saint Cosme and Ambassadors of Music

  1. One of my favorite wines… Congratulations to your son – a life-changing experience!

  2. barb ristine says:

    And he will be a perfect Ambassador, filled with the thoughtfulness and compassion you have instilled in him.

  3. What a moving post. Your son will have a great time, and in Europe, especially Germany, that involves looking at the past because only through the past can we appreciate what Europe has become over the last decades. I have been to Buchenwald once, and it was an altering experience. I just wanted quiet after the visit. But I like the idea of singing in a chapel…thank you for sharing, Linda!!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful experience for you and your son to look forward to. Something he will share with others for many years to come.
    Great timing on this wine. It has been calling to me from its shelf at our store. In fact we just added their white also. You’ve twisted my arm but more importantly you’ve intrigued me by all that talk of wood that didn’t exist. A great description. This weekend may be the time for Saint Cosme.

    • foxress says:

      Ernest, it’s the perfect time for him to go, right between hs and college. I’m very excited for him.

      I’d love to know what you think of the Cosme. Glad I twisted your arm!

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