Wine and Travels

Next month, July, I am traveling twice.  In 2 weeks I’m driving over the Sierra to sit for the CSW.  Wish me luck! I think I’m ready (a shout-out to the Bubbly Professor and her wonderful blog site) but I’ll still be going over my flashcards obsessively for the next 2 weeks.

 While there are many things about wine that intrigue me, one thing in particular that I’ve learned a lot about over the past few months is the role of sulfur.  On the one hand sulfur acts as a preservative for the wine.  It can be used to kill natural yeasts to prevent early fermentation.  As an additive it is very beneficial.  Making wine without using sulfur is very difficult.  However, there are times when the use of sulfur can cause faults in the wine.  The three sulfur faults are hydrogen sulfide which smells like rotten eggs, sulfur dioxide which smells like a burnt match, and mercaptan which smells like garlic and onions.  I wouldn’t want to drink any of those wines.

A paranoid schizophrenic, a histrionic personality, a pathological liar and a passive aggressive personality were sitting around a table.  I’m not setting up a joke.  I’m describing my second trip in July.  I’m flying to Ohio for a family reunion. Wish me luck! Families, like sulfur, can be very beneficial, offering support, encouragement, and love.  But like sulfur, they can also be destructive, dysfunctional, stressful and a little smelly.

I don’t have any particular wine in mind to go with my travels this summer.  But I am anticipating that the stress of both trips is going to require a whole lot of wine.

10 comments on “Wine and Travels

  1. Good luck on the CSW – I’m sure you’ll do great! And just take the family one day at a time. And keep the wine handy! 🙂

  2. I know you will be doing fine, on both trips! And if there is wine, what can go wrong? Wishing you all the luck and good fortune in the world!

  3. Safe travels and best of luck with the CSW!

  4. vinoinlove says:

    Good luck with CSW! I’m sure you’ll do well!

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