A Quiz for Winerds

I always enjoy the weekly wine quizzes offered by The Drunken Cyclist, and Talk-O-Vino. They are fun and interesting, and I always learn something. I thought I’d offer a quiz of my own, though I don’t know if this will become a regular part of my blog. For now, it’s just for fun.

1) The result of the rain shadow effect is that the valley east of the mountain range gets very little precipitation because the clouds cannot rise high enough to clear the mountains until they empty themselves. Thus, by the time the clouds are over the valley, they have no precipitation left. Name four wine growing areas that benefit from the rain shadow effect.

2) The three most common climates for wine-growing regions are Mediterranean, continental, and maritime. Mediterranean is the most ideal for wine growing because of its mild, dry summers and cool, wet winters. Some wine growing regions are found in marginal climates, that is, climates that are just barely able to produce wine grapes. Name two wine growing areas that have sub-tropical climates

3) Since the outbreak of the root louse, phylloxera in the 19th century, most vineyards have been replanted by grafting the vinafera vines to the rootstock of a North American species that is resistant to the louse. Name two wine growing regions that still use vinafera rootstock. Why are they able to do this?

4) I am having a dinner party and I am inviting my friends, Pedro Ximenez, Gordo Blanco, Xarel-Lo, and Crljenak Kastelanski. Tell me where my friends are from, what wine I will be serving, and in what order.

5) Name three wine growing regions that have Mediterranean climates, but are not on the Mediterranean.

6) The name Riesling is often given to grapes that are completely unrelated to the Rhine Riesling grape. Which of the following is a true Rhine Riesling:
a) Cape Riesling
b) Weisser Riesling
c) Welschriesling

Good luck! Answers will be posted soon.