Depth in Daily Living

“If meaning and value are to be recaptured in our lives, it must penetrate everyday life.” –Dwight Furrow

It is in what we notice in everyday life, the connections we make between past experiences and present observations, in these intersections we find art. To sip a wine is pleasant, but to really think about what that wine reminds us of, or what memories, maybe even hopes that it conjures up, that is to truly experience the wine, to look at it artfully.

Villa Antinori, 2009

Villa Antinori, 2009

Villa Antinori, 2009 is a super Tuscan IGT made from Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah. In the glass it is the color of an old-time movie theater curtain. The tannins are as velvety as said curtains. The aromas are blackberries and oak, but in the mouth this wine is like bright cherries on satin. It is smooth, crisp and beautifully integrated, indeed, a super Tuscan.

“I have grown weary of the poets…they all muddy their waters to make them appear deep.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

When we refrain from layering on our own perspective when discussing wine, when we just observe objectively, rate the balance and structure, is that a more honest evaluation? Does the figurative language of wine writing make the wine more interesting than it is, muddy the waters or does it get at a deeper truth in the wine?

“I like to compare making wine to raising children, because both are long-term procedures where you make decisions on a daily basis. And the sum of those decisions makes the final product.” -Marketta Fourmeaux

The more we observe and add to our simple daily living, the richer our lives become.