What Names Can Mean

LivI got an upsetting call yesterday. It was my sister calling from Maryland to ask if my daughter was okay. It was 9 am here and I hadn’t turned on the radio or television. I didn’t know why she was asking me about Liv until she told me what she had heard on NPR about the shooting here in Sparks. ‘Did they say a Sparks Middle School or Sparks Middle School.’ We live in Sparks and my daughter goes to a Sparks Middle School, but not Sparks Middle School. In that instant name meant everything.

Chablis Grand Cru is made up of seven parcels of land that combined cover 247 acres of a single hillside. Between two of the parcels, Vaudesir and Les Preuses lies a small plot of land, La Moutonne. La Moutonne is not part of the Chablis Grand Cru, but because of where it lies, it is a name that will be put on the label. In Chablis, name means everything.

As was reported on national news, a 12 year old boy showed up to Sparks Middle School with a semi-automatic weapon and shot one child while threatening others. Michael Landsberry, a math teacher at the school confronted the boy. Because of his actions the other kids were able to get away with only one other child being shot. Unfortunately, Mr. Landsberry was not able to get away. He was killed. All that was in the national news. What hasn’t been in the news is that there is some movement in our community to rename the school. If the proposal goes through, it will no longer be Sparks Middle School, but Landsberry Middle School. To the kids of Sparks Middle School, that name means everything.