The Economics and Politics of Guns and Gun Control

In light of what happened in Massachusetts last night and Sparks on Monday, I have created this post for any and all political discussion on the issue of gun control.

Stefano says:

October 23, 2013 at 7:01 am (Edit)

I am incredibly relieved to hear that your daughter is safe and was not affected by the latest crazy shooting “incident”.
As to what happened, I am perfectly aware of how divided people are on this issue and all the huge financial interests that are at play for the gun industry, but I think that as a citizen and a parent of a school-age child I would be much happier to hear that serious effort were finally made to pass legislation that would restrict access to guns and subject those that are already out there to local authorities’ supervision and their owners to background and sanity checks. Then by all means, let’s change the name of the school to honor yet another hero teacher who, much like in the case of Newtown, sacrificed his life to save those of his students, but I would rather see our schools keep their names because we actually did something to try to stop this madness and to keep our kids and their teachers alive and well. How many more will need to die in vain before we remind ourselves that we have a conscience and we should do something about it?

the drunken cyclist says:

October 23, 2013 at 7:11 am (Edit)

Well said Stefano. “How many more will need to die?” You will never eliminate gun violence, but unless you take a stance and try, you are complicit in what is going on.