I Value Wine; a Villanelle


I value wine
It is what I do
The value is mine.

Upright, in recline
From any view
I value wine

I will opine
to many or few
The value is mine

From Grecian pine
To an Alsatian Cru
I value wine

From flowering vine
To a perfect hue
The value is mine

From rough to fine
This one thing is true
I value wine
The value is mine.

This is my entry to the MWWC10.

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6 comments on “I Value Wine; a Villanelle

  1. 🙂 Witty! (And I love formalism in poetry.)

    • foxress says:

      Tracy Lee, I was hoping you would stop by! I know you love structured poetry. I do, too. Is it just me, or do greater constraints require greater creativity?

      • I feel an essay coming on….

        Absolutely– constraint spurs creativity. It’s so easy to “do what you feel.” It’s requires so much more inventiveness, to do what you want to feel, while finding innovative ways to make “what you feel” fit within particular boundaries.

        Right? (you’re compiling all this wisdom into a book, aren’t you?)

  2. […] From Vinho Verde to Barolo with Love: I Value Wine; a Villanelle […]

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