There is No ‘R’ in Delicious

Solune Rosé 002Yes, it is October, and while it is never stated, the unspoken rule seems to be ‘no rosé in months containing the letter r.’  May to August isn’t enough time to enjoy all the beautiful rosés out there, especially when temperatures reach into the 80’s  and there’s a  salmon on the grill.  Rosé just seems right.

Solune is a winery in Grass Valley, California.  While many of the wineries in the Sierra Foothills are making some nice wines with Rhone Valley varieties, the winemakers who are experimenting with Italian varieties in this hilly, warm region are finding their terroir.

Solune is a mash up of the French words for Sun and Moon.  Jacques Mercier, the winegrower, claims French as his native language, hailing from Québec.  Yes, a French-speaking, Canadian is growing Italian grapes in California.  Does that sound wrong?  It is no more wrong than drinking rosé in October.  The result is a deep orange-red, Barbera rosé, with earthy, citrus and red fruit aromas.  The body is medium, the acidity is tart.  The flavors are cranberries and sloe gin with a hint of bitter lime peel on the finish.  It is juicy, tart and rich with color and flavor.


8 comments on “There is No ‘R’ in Delicious

  1. I say drink the wines you enjoy whenever you want to! I know people practically mourn the end of “rose season,” but they could enjoy a nice one in November. As far as I know, there’s not rose mafia out there policing people’s drinking habits.

  2. Sounds delicious!

    Q: ” a French-speaking, Canadian is growing Italian grapes in California. Does that sound wrong?”

    A: I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, lately, about the artificial boundaries and separations we place on experience, and how it takes a passionate love to overcome them. As you know, in my opinion, passionate love (when it’s authentic love, not a power trip that leads to exploitation) is beautiful, creatively life-giving, and always right.

    • foxress says:

      Tracy, you are so deep. I’ll be looking for more about artificial boundaries and passionate love in your next post. Thank you, sister, for stopping by and commenting.

      • I may be deep, but I’m definitely mud-turtle-deep-slow. Don’t expect anything about artificial boundaries and passionate love in my next post. Those themes might show up in my next novel. Next year, or the year after…. 😉

  3. Though I do believe strongly in wine/food pairings and I do adjust the food I prepare by the seasons I do not agree in drinking certain wines at certain times of year. The best wine any time of year is the wine you like! Additionally, we are weeks into the fall season and it is still in the 90’s in Dallas! Perfect weather for rose! Cheers

    • foxress says:

      I suppose because we eat heavier foods in cold weather, we tend to drink heavier wines. And there is something quite refreshing about a crisp rosé at the end of a warm day, no matter what month it is. Thanks for reading and commenting, Michelle!

  4. SAHMmelier says:

    Unless of course you live in Texas and it is still 93! 😉 rules, schmules. Sounds delish.

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