WBC15, Anyone?

Dear Fellow Wine Bloggers,

The Wine Bloggers Conference is in 2 ½ months and I am really looking forward to it for three reasons. First, the rock star of wine writing and a personal hero to all of us, Karen MacNeil will be speaking. Last March, my friend, Rebecca and I got to hear her speak (as well as meet her!) at the Women for WineSense event in Napa, and it was no surprise to either of us that Ms. MacNeil is as poised and eloquent in public speaking as her graceful, sophisticated writing would lead one to believe. We were debating whether or not to make the trip across the country for the WBC15. Once we heard that KM would be there, there was no more debate. We’d rather not think of ourselves as stalkers. We’re more like roadies, bandies, MacNeil-heads if you will. So, thank you Ms. MacNeil for giving us the impetus to sign up for the Wine Bloggers Conference.

I am, also looking forward to exploring the upstate New York wine region. We don’t see a lot of New York State wines out here in the west. I am excited to taste the wines (especially the Rieslings) and get to know the vineyards of the area.

But, mostly, Fellow Wine Bloggers, I am really looking forward to meeting some, hopefully, many of you. I hope a lot of you will be there. Let me know in the comments if you are attending and I will look for you. But I promise, I won’t stalk you.


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11 comments on “WBC15, Anyone?

  1. Wow! Wasn’t aware update NY had a wine region! LOL! I’m in Ontario…you should keep going north after your stop in NY!

  2. Kay says:

    Awesome, hope you make it a road trip and stop in Dallas to see us!!!

  3. Wow — so close and yet so far! I should have planned earlier; my summer is booked up. And this one is finally close enough for me to travel to. 😦

    I hope you have a wonderful time!

  4. My fingers are crossed. Registered but not booked room or flight yet. Summer filling up fast.

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