Thanks for the Spot

There I was at the gym getting ready to bench when someone I had never met before, a young man wearing a certain amount of camo, stood over me with a simple, two-word command, ‘Do it.’ ‘Will you spot me?’ I asked. Then he spoke these three simple words, ‘Yay, Do it.’

I leave tomorrow for Napa where I will sit for my level 3 WSET. It will be my first graded blind tasting, and I’m not ashamed to say I’m a bit nervous. But over the past few months I’ve heard more than a few words of encouragement from wine friends, comments like, ‘Stay focused and let the wine speak to you.’ ‘Tests are stressful, but how often do you get to take a test on something you’re passionate about?’ ‘I had a dream that you passed with distinction.’ My wonderful wine friends are all saying to me what that stranger in the gym said. They’re all saying ‘Yay, do it,’ only with more words and less camo.

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16 comments on “Thanks for the Spot

  1. Mukul Manku says:

    ‘Keep Calm and take the Exam’. All the best!

  2. Tom Riley says:

    You’ll be fine. You know more than you realize and it will come to you if you relax. The tasting is all about writing a good note; nailing the grape or region is only a point or two. In WSET, it’s all about getting points. Get your points. Hope you have good handwriting. Best of luck!!

  3. renobarb says:

    Bonne chance! (Less camo, right?) you’ll fly through the exam!

  4. talkavino says:

    Good luck!

  5. You will do GREAT! Have wonderful time. I agree with Tom, the variety and location information counts for very little. Let your tasting skills lead the way. Cheering you on!


  6. I am sure you passed! From you comments, “it went pretty well.” Napa Valley is magical. Thanks for the recent visit to my blog.

  7. foxress says:

    Thank you all for your encouraging comments. I passed level 3! On to the next

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