Dinner at Spenker Winery

P1020450Founded in 1869 as a train stop for the Central Pacific Railroad, Lodi began as a farming community known for wheat and watermelons. Lodi was also known, early on for grapes. Since the 19th century Lodi has moved from the Tokay grape to the Zinfandel grape. Home to over 80 wineries and a downtown bursting with fine restaurants, Lodi presents itself with the sophistication of a city in the charm of a small town. At its heart, Lodi is still a farming community.

SpenkerWineryChuck Spenker is a 3rd generation grower and Lodi farmer. His farm, Spenker Winery is located just west of downtown Lodi where he grows Petite Sirah, Muscat and Zinfandel. Dinner at Spenker Winery with the Spenker family includes not only their wines but their farm-made goat cheese, which was fresh and creamy and all the more tasty having met the goats  before dinner. Every goat is named, and every name fit, especially Shenanigans a mischievous character indeed.  P1020544

Though there are several things produced at Spenkers, it is the Zinfandel for which the winery and Lodi are best known. “Zinfandel has changed the way wine is made,” says Chuck Spenker. Because of its structure, Zinfandel is a grape that can withstand a longer hang time, especially in Lodi where the Delta breeze and cool nighttime temperatures maintain the natural acidity of the grape. A longer hang time produces a wine that is big enough to stand on its own. It can be enjoyed without food. But Chuck does believe in pairing his wines. According to Chuck Spenker you should always ‘pair your wine with your friends.’

4 comments on “Dinner at Spenker Winery

  1. Pairing wine with friends – I like that!

  2. thegourmez says:

    Short & memorable! Nice post.

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