“…their frangrance will be like the wine of Lebanon.” Hosea 14:7


Founded in 1857 by Jesuit Priests, Chateau Ksara is the oldest commercial winery in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. Fine wine making in Lebanon, however, goes back thousands of years. In Biblical times Lebanese wines were held up as the standard for all wines. And why wouldn’t they be? The vineyards in the Bekaa Valley are planted at higher altitudes. Some of Chateau Ksara’s vineyards are planted at 3600 feet. The 75 mile long valley has a Mediterranean climate with the viticultural benefits of a rain shadow effect from Mount Lebanon producing 240 sunny days a year for fully ripened grapes. Breezes are common in the valley, which, along with the moderating effects of the two rivers, the Orontes and the Litani and the big diurnal swing, from the 50’s Fahrenheit at night to the high 80’s during the day work to preserve the beautiful acidity of the grapes.

The grapes grown in the vineyards of Chateau Ksara are predominantly French reds such as Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Those are the grapes in their Reserve du Couvent, 2013. The wine is a deep ruby color with a garnet rim, very viscous with a medium plus intensity in aroma. The fruits are both tart and ripe, red currant, red cherry, black cherry and bramble berry. Intermixed with the fruit are aromas of fennel, clove, vanilla and charred wood. There is quite a bit of structure to this wine with a playful acidity and a meaty body, it is both juicy and harmonious. After tasting Chateau Ksara Reserve du Couvent it becomes very clear that to be compared to the fragrance of ‘…the wine of Lebanon,’ is high praise indeed.

*I was given this wine as a sample.  It is the first Lebanese wine that I have had and I didn’t know what to expect, though I was hoping I’d like it.  It was very easy to like, so well structured and lovely.  Had I purchased it, I would consider it a great value, as it retails under $20.


10 comments on ““…their frangrance will be like the wine of Lebanon.” Hosea 14:7

  1. I shall have to look for that wine here myself, as there is an abundance of Lebanese restaurants in the Detroit area. I have never had a bottle from Lebanon myself. So many wines, so little time.

  2. Duff's Wines says:

    My wife is of Lebanese heritage and I always have a bottle of Ksara around for family dinners with her uncle. It’s always appreciated. We had planned to get to the Bekaa Valley from which her father and uncle hail but lately the political climate is discouraging.

    • foxress says:

      It’s a lovely wine. That’s an area I’d like to see someday, as well. Thanks for stopping by, Bill.

    • Thank you Duff for your comment, well political climate is perfect now maybe you can visit soon and drop me a message let me know when so we can welcome you at the winery. Can I also have your contact details and address. Thank you cheers.

  3. finewinepoet says:

    A few days before Easter this year, I had this [then] brilliant idea of writing about the “Last Supper Wine.” I wanted to actually taste wine from the region, but with my last-minute project, I couldn’t find a winery or merchant that could ship me the wine in time. Interestingly, on the last day of the conference, Maria’s name came up several times. I had since connected with her on Facebook and looking forward to actually experiencing wine from Lebanon, as well.

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