The Matriarchs of Lodi, Part II: Meeting Wanda Bechthold


P1020504Jessie’s Grove was founded in 1868 by Joseph and Anna Spenker, distant relatives of Chuck Spenker of Spenker Winery. Jessie was the daughter of Joseph and Anna and the  grandmother of Wanda Bechthold, the matriarch of Jessie’s Grove.

Now in its 5th generation with some of the original vines dating back to the 19th century, this vineyard has stories to tell. Fortunately, the vineyard has Wanda to tell them. She has dug so deeply into her family history and the stories of the vineyard, she recreates events that happened 150 years ago. Her stories come to life with colorful detail. She channels her ancestors through changing voices as she shares her family stories complete with P1020509dialogue.

P1020537Jessie’s Grove Royal Tee is made from ancient vine Zinfandel, vines that were planted 125 years ago by Wanda’s great grandfather.  The wine is rich and complex with gorgeous, fruit, well-integrated into its smooth structure. Like Wanda’s story telling, this Zin brings to life the rich history of the vineyard.


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