Respect: No Results Found

valdicavamontellcino2010“I’d like that Valdicava Brunnello di Montelcino, 2010, please,” she said as I neared the lock box.

“Beautiful choice,” I said as I unlocked the case.

“We’re having it with fondue,” she continued.

I hesitated for a minute, “Meat fondue?” I asked hopefully.

“No, cheese.”

“Would you like to look at some beautiful, aged white Burgundies?” I gently suggested

“No. This is the wine my husband wants.”

Brunello di Montelcino is 100% Sangiovese.  It has the highest requirements for aging of any Italian wine, four years, two of those in oak.  The long oak aging gives the wine tertiary aromas of organic earth such as mushroom and forest floor.  The long bottle aging gives the wine tertiary inorganic aromas of mineral.  The aging will also make the wine more well-integrated and complex.  This is a wine that demands a meaty, hearty dish.  Both the food and the wine  will be enhanced by the pairing.

It’s her money. Who am I to judge. It should be no concern of mine. But there is something vaguely repulsive about handing over a gorgeously aged, fine wine to someone who clearly won’t appreciate and respect the wine.

In a few weeks there will be a march to protest a certain election, and the elected official. When I think about what really bothers me about this election, it comes down to the blatant lack of respect for women. I thought I might find a nice Bible verse to put on my sign that would sum up the importance of treating each other kindly and with respect. But when I went to and put in ‘respect women’ the response I got was ‘no results found.’ And that is what bothers me the most about this election, not just that the candidate has no respect for women, but my country seems to be okay with that.

For people who have no appreciation for the wine, they might call it wine snobbery, while we call it ‘treating the wine with respect.’ For people who aren’t the targets of the disrespect, they might call it ‘being politically correct,’ while we call it being a decent human being.


5 comments on “Respect: No Results Found

  1. wineismylife says:

    Now this is a different kind of wine post.

  2. Amen. In Vino Veritas!

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