The Bottle in Front of Me

(Or; This is Why I Can’t Talk to You Right Now)

Have you ever had a wine that stopped you in your tracks; a wine that made you feel like moving, or talking or thinking about anything but the wine in front of you would be sacrilege? Of course, you have, once in a while. Maybe a few times in a lifetime. And, generally, those wines have been Old World, most likely from Italy or France. And they’ve probably been aged quite a long time, maybe even decades!

Tonight, the wine that made me stop in my tracks was none of that. It was New World, from California, Napa, Howell Mountain and made by Mia Klein. Cimarossa, Riva di Lavante, 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon. Each sip was full of ripe black cherries, cedar, vanilla, dried flowers, spices, graphite, bell pepper, and dust. Each sip was lush, complex and intense. Each sip was structured and firm. Subtle it was not. But beautiful, balanced, integrated, it was.

Once in a while it’s nice to have a wine that rather than inspiring conversation, inspires reflection. This was not a wine to discuss. It was a wine to savor.