Quiz for Winerds #2: California Wine Stats and Numbers

1) What percent of US wine is produced in California?
a) 60%
b) 25%
c) 90%
d) 75%

2) Where are over 50% of California wine grapes grown?
a) Central Valley
b) Central Coast
c) North Coast
d) San Francisco Bay

3) About how many wineries are there currently in Napa?
a) 103
b) 300
c) 56
d) 1200

4) What county in California produces the most wine grapes?
a) Napa
b) Santa Barbara
c) Sonoma
d) San Joaquin

5) What is Sonoma’s most widely planted grape?
a) Cabernet Sauvignon
b) Zinfandel
c) Chardonnay
d) Pinot Noir