A Private Conversation About Meiomi with Multi-Discipline Descriptors

Meiomi Pinot Noir, 2012A blend of Pinot Noir grapes from three different counties, Monterey, Santa Barbara, and Sonoma, Meiomi, 2012 is a deep garnet red color with aromas of blackberry, earth, sage and wood. It is savory and silky with its smooth tannins and long, elegant finish. This is all true, but do these words seem old and stale? Jeff, the Drunken Cyclist, in his passing comment that there aren’t enough descriptors available in the wine world, has inspired me to look to other disciplines for some lexicon enhancing. Let me try again…like the key of D Major, not common like the C scale, but without many sharps and absolutely no flats Meiomi flows elegantly with structured intervals. Perhaps, that’s not very informative. Let me try something else…With tannins as smoothly fibrous as a corpus callosum, this wine does a beautiful job of integrating the art and science of both hemispheres. Maybe not.

Wine reviews, like song lyrics, are unspoken conversations. So are blogs for that matter. Talking to ourselves on line, thinking out loud, we’re the bag ladies of the internet, only, hopefully, more coherent. Does it matter whether or not anyone is listening? Would it change what we write? Does Dave Matthews write lyrics for his fans, or is he having a private conversation with someone from his past; a conversation that was never spoken out loud? And why do we want to listen in? Is it a conversation we could have had at some point in time? Is all writing giving voice to feelings in silence, the solitude of a half dialog that can be superimposed onto and replayed into different lives at different points in time?

These aren’t questions that are meant to be answered definitively; they’re just some things to thing about, perhaps exchange one-sided conversations on. Now, if anyone has suggestions for a source of new, useful wine descriptors, please let me know.